Capabilities Statement

Innovative and cost-effective solutions for heavy civil infrastructure construction including, wet and dry utilities, environmental, security, structural, architectural and telecommunications projects. Special emphasis on alternative precast concrete designs.

Pre-Con Products is a general engineering contractor with a unique ability to combine construction and manufacturing within a single operation. We have a proven record of bringing innovative solutions to remote and complex project sites. Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to pre-fabricate, where appropriate, those items which would be difficult, cost prohibitive, time critical or more risky to construct on-site.


Designed, manufactured and constructed an 18′ diameter precast concrete sewer lift station. The originally engineered design called for a cast-in-place structure. Pre-Con’s unique and innovative pre-fabricated design resulted in a significant savings in cost, time and jobsite exposure.


Designed, manufactured and constructed a combined poured-in-place / precast concrete foundation and rail system for a missile launch pad and movable environmental shelter on San Nicolas Island, 62 miles off the coast of California.


Designed and manufactured a modular precast concrete foundation system (Hexiblock) for deployment to extremely remote jobsites in the southwest U.S. The modular, non-penetrating foundations support towers as high as 200-ft’ with base structures as heavy as 1,020,000-lbs.


Replaced over 9 miles of gas line in record time to meet funding restrictions. All work was accomplished ahead of schedule, with little or no disruption to the end user (without open trenching) using a micro tunneling system.


Designed, manufactured and constructed an original precast foundation system for use on San Nicolas Island. The unique and efficiently shaped design saved material and reduced project cost by over 30%. In addition, job site construction time was cut in half. The precast system was manufactured off island in factory controlled conditions. Manufacturing off site not only improved quality, but also reduced the work force required to complete the project, thereby reducing the demand on limited island resources.


Pre-Con performed airfield repair, including resurfacing and paving over 330,000 sq ft of airfield tarmac and resealing more than 15 miles of taxiway construction joints at Point Mugu Naval Air Station. The project also incorporated repairing, replacing or removing over 30 underground vaults, including work adjacent to an operating runway.


Pre-Con performed demolition on three US Navy projects, including the abatement and demolition of over 47 structures and removal of 4000 ft of 30″ steel water line. Much of the work was performed in environmentally sensitive, high security or high traffic areas. Pre-Con achieved a diversion rate of over 95% for all the projects. In addition, Pre-Con successfully identified and relocated over a dozen endangered Night Lizards on San Nicolas Island.

Areas of Expertise

Pre-cast concrete, concrete construction, foundations, concrete paving, wet / dry utilities, storm-water treatment, remote site logistics, ballistic concrete, pre-fabricated structures, communication towers, border security, design build