Precast Concrete Foundation – Hexa-Con

Project Details This project was a supply contract to the US Marine Corp to provide 3 precast concrete foundation systems to be used to support several 200 foot tall communication towers at various locations throughout the southwest US including, California and Arizona for the Land Mobile Enterprise Radio System. To resist high overturning loads, some […]

Gas Line Repair

Repair and replacement of natural gas distribution system at Point Mugu, Naval Base Ventura County. A total of 31,228 ft, or 5.91 miles of gas line, 70 gas meters, and 126 regualtors were installed. Additionally, 33 gas vaults were demolished.


Project Description Pre-Con has performed three demolition projects for the US navy including the abatement and demolition of over 47 structures and removal of 4000 ft of 30″ steel water line. ┬áThe work was performed on three different project sites, including San Nicolas Island, Point Mugu Air station and Port Hueneme. Much of the work […]

Runway Repair, Point Mugu, NBVC, CA

Project Description This project included resurfacing over 400,000 square feet of asphalt paving, replacing concrete taxi ways, repairing concrete spalls on the runway and taxi ways, resealing over seven miles of construction joints and rebuilding several underground electrical vaults. The work was done on an active military airport during flight operations. Most of the work, […]